Mudman Race is managed by Tree Frog Sports. We choose to hire our volunteers by recruiting various community groups who would like to raise money for their group or cause.

There are various activities to volunteer for, depending on the race and/or group.
– Check-in
– Teardown
– Handing out racer materials
– Supervision
– Staffing designated points along race course to cheer and guide participants

If your group is interested in raising money by being a part of our Mudman Support Crew, or If you have questions regarding volunteering, please fill out the contact form.

Volunteers must be at least 14 years old at the time of the race.

You help us… We help you!
(Shifts are approximately 5-7 hours in length)

10 people: $300 per shift
15 people:  $450 per shift
20 people: $600 per shift
30 people:  $900 per shift

The Mudman schedule typically runs a good portion of the day, depending on the number of participants.  Groups are scheduled in 5-7-hour shifts.  A more specific schedule will be available each year closer to the date of the event.

INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEER: Free t-shirt  for one shift.


Your organization understands and agrees that payments will only be made to organizations whose volunteers check in with a Mudman Race representative at the beginning of their assigned shift, remain on site and work during the shift, and check out with a Mudman Race representative at the end of the shift. All checks will be in the name of the organization and sent to the organization address provided to Tree Frog Sports. All volunteers will be required to sign a waiver prior to commencing work at the event.

This is a rain or shine event. The organization’s volunteers are expected to attend the event. By volunteering, each person from the organization understands and acknowledges that Mudman Race is an extreme event and accepts all risks associated with volunteering at the event.


Reach out to us!

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